Job Searches


Typical business as we are accustomed to has taken on an entirely new meaning for science focused companies during this time of COVID-19 as they adapt their operations online. Virtual operations cover almost the entire scope of company functions and possibly one of the most challenging elements of this new experience is virtual recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding of new hires.

One of the key lessons learned in recent months may be that a candidate can be recruited and placed with just a single in-person meeting, rather than several, expediting the process and saving time and money. Calendar syncing becomes simplified when travel is not necessary until the final round of interviews is scheduled. The sooner final interviews are scheduled, the greater the probability that the company will attract a top candidate who might otherwise be lost to the competition.

When the pandemic is over and we return to a level of normalcy, business for life sciences recruiters and their client partners will be slightly different than it was in the past.

Stay safe. Be well.